The 5 Listening Women   Listening Women

We are a diverse group of Women offering “Listening” for healing…



Listen to all the view points presented in our world. Harmony can be found by allowing each life form to have its Sacred Point of View. We do not learn or expand if we do not listen to what is being said.

Do you find yourself talking all of the time? When we are talking we are not listening. If we ignore or cut the voice off of others telling us something we may not want to hear, our growth stalls. Be willing to hear another’s Truth, not necessary your own.

Learn to discern by listening, develop the “Art of Listening”

Hear every thought, sense every feeling and receive every impression.

  • We offer you peace.
  • We offer you love.
  • We offer you friendship.
  • We see your beauty.
  • We hear your need.
  • We feel your feelings.
  • Our wisdom flows from the highest Source.
  • We salute that Source in you.
  • Let us work together.

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We are a diverse group of Women offering “Listening” for healing each other & the World.

One by One …

The 5 Listening Women


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Michelle Frantzen — Reiki Master
   White Lotus Reiki

Gina Kanbalam Miranda — Mayan Timekeeper

Roxanna L. Rutter, Ph.D—Authentic Movement



“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. ”
— Stephen Covey

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